A Decade Later


This a funny but rather accurate representation of how much the intent has changed in a matter of a decade. In 10 years so technology and the internet have develops so much.


What Homework, Doesn’t Seem Like It?


  Okay so finals are approaching rather quickly! Actually another semester flew by no surprise. So sitting here I was trying to do my finals essay for my Diffusion of Innovations class and I realized how because of the internet homework really doesn’t seem like homework anymore. Yes, it is homework, trust me I still don’t enjoy doing it and it’s time consuming! However, the internet has without a doubt integrated in ways we probably would have never thought of.  As I tried to write my paper I got distracted and here I am sitting here writing my blog instead all because of the internet. It’s my homework but it’s not like I wasn’t on it already I mean I was researching information on the internet, citing sources on the internet, casual distractions of social media… on the internet. Catch my drift? The internet just seems so unavoidable so hands on now days. I was ”multitasking” sure call it whatever you want but it seems as if there isn’t a day that I’m not on it, I’m sure you can agree.

So whatever happened to those workbooks with worksheets or writing essays with pen and paper days? It once was that homework would consist of a worksheet or two, or maybe a writing assignment you would write for class and typically return it the next day. Now, most homework consists of some type of internet access even submitting homework can be done through the internet…even math classes. Today students have to have the basic knowledge at the least of how to not only use a computer and internet but how to use it effectively and how to actually navigate their way though it in order to be successful in our coursework. Just take a look around your classroom for a second next time, the percent of students on their laptops or iPads or some type of technological device usually out numbers those who use traditional pen and paper.

The change is incredible I must say though. It seems as if we have such an open data base for our homework that can be accessed pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Take this Blog. Even though it is my project and I’m doing for my professor and peers to read it’s crazy to think that millions of other people not only in my class and America but around the world also have the ability to read this. I can’t imagine not having it to be honest. Not only has it made homework not feel so much as homework but it allows us to learn and craft those skills that will be useful in the future. The internet isn’t going anywhere so the fact that it has intergraded within our coursework benefits us in the long run.

Wi-Fi life

The internet has made an incredibly large impact in society today. It still completely BLOWS my mind that when I was in elementary school; I’m 20 years old now so about what nine or ten years ago the internet and technology was nowhere near where it is now. I don’t even think I used the internet to be honest and if I did it was probably to play games or in centers during school. BUT I can clearly remember being in middle school and having to wait for the internet to load with dial up and the horrible noise that it made geez and not only that, but my mom making me got off to use the phone because you weren’t able to do both at once!! Today we can talk, text, search the web while jumping off a building… I’m kidding hopefully no one tries that but I’m sure it could happen! 16141194-young-man-is-falling-from-a-building-and-calling-with-cell-phone1

Wait… doesn’t the internet only date back what a century maybe less? Regardless the evolution that is the internet is beyond belief. I work at an elementary school and the conversation my kids bring up about social media and Wi-Fi is crazy and the fact that they know how to work around it is still incredible to me. I doubt I even knew what Wi-Fi even was let alone if we even had it at that age. I barely even used the internet when I was that age, outdoors was the place to be. Which explains why kids today, as opposed to how you and I grew up are so technologically savvy.Boy Excited with the Internet

Now with the ability to access the internet and the increase in technology, pretty much everyone and most aging from as young as probably three (because my three year old niece know how to connect to internet and even search things on it on her iPad) to the oldies know how to use the internet. It’s hard to not have a dependency on it when everything and anything can be looked up, sent, researched, reserved, bought, ect via the internet. (Bunch of lazy human beings it’s created)Let’s be honest, today you can access the internet pretty much anywhere from sitting in the airplane on a flight to let’s say Australia to driving down the street to your friend’s house on your phone. Actually you can even be on your laptop or iPad in the car and connect to the internet via servers or Wi-Fi adapters. Whoever developed the internet especially the wireless aspect has changed the way society depends on it forever.