Wi-Fi life

The internet has made an incredibly large impact in society today. It still completely BLOWS my mind that when I was in elementary school; I’m 20 years old now so about what nine or ten years ago the internet and technology was nowhere near where it is now. I don’t even think I used the internet to be honest and if I did it was probably to play games or in centers during school. BUT I can clearly remember being in middle school and having to wait for the internet to load with dial up and the horrible noise that it made geez and not only that, but my mom making me got off to use the phone because you weren’t able to do both at once!! Today we can talk, text, search the web while jumping off a building… I’m kidding hopefully no one tries that but I’m sure it could happen! 16141194-young-man-is-falling-from-a-building-and-calling-with-cell-phone1

Wait… doesn’t the internet only date back what a century maybe less? Regardless the evolution that is the internet is beyond belief. I work at an elementary school and the conversation my kids bring up about social media and Wi-Fi is crazy and the fact that they know how to work around it is still incredible to me. I doubt I even knew what Wi-Fi even was let alone if we even had it at that age. I barely even used the internet when I was that age, outdoors was the place to be. Which explains why kids today, as opposed to how you and I grew up are so technologically savvy.Boy Excited with the Internet

Now with the ability to access the internet and the increase in technology, pretty much everyone and most aging from as young as probably three (because my three year old niece know how to connect to internet and even search things on it on her iPad) to the oldies know how to use the internet. It’s hard to not have a dependency on it when everything and anything can be looked up, sent, researched, reserved, bought, ect via the internet. (Bunch of lazy human beings it’s created)Let’s be honest, today you can access the internet pretty much anywhere from sitting in the airplane on a flight to let’s say Australia to driving down the street to your friend’s house on your phone. Actually you can even be on your laptop or iPad in the car and connect to the internet via servers or Wi-Fi adapters. Whoever developed the internet especially the wireless aspect has changed the way society depends on it forever.


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