Guest Speaker: Dale Brill


Although I do believe I took away something from each and every speaker in which we had the privilege of listening to throughout the course thus far, one particular individual definitely stood out: Dale Brill. There was so much energy projected out of him that I could not help but want to listen. It was definitely refreshing and a bit of a reality check fitting things into perspective from his point of view. His energy was unquestionably felt as he spoke with such a passion but not just on his life’s journey but also taking our own questions and turning them into ways in which we could do to better our own. He not only simply explained how he reached his success today but also the struggles he encountered along the way.


With only a few more weeks separating me from a Florida State student and becoming Alumni, there are so many things I doubted. After listening to Dale, I could definitely say it was a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t say he directly impacted my career choice, I don’t believe any of the speakers did, however, he did give me a better outlook on creating value for myself. Three things specifically I took away from Dale were: fail, let it go and live for yourself. “Fail” and not just once but over and over. The only way we can learn and grow is from failure so fail and fail again. Learn to “let go” we all make mistakes but we cannot just simply harness onto then we have to learn to accept them, acknowledge them and ultimately let it go. Finally, we must live our life for ourselves not anyone else. We’re so accustomed to wanting to follow in everyone else’s footsteps or do what someone else encourages us to do but we really just have to do what we love, live life as we want to not others.


Most importantly: “You can do absolutely anything we want to do in life but we’re running out of time.” You can never get back wasted time. We need to embark on our passions from now because time only goes forward.



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