Death at a Distance


It is safe to say the way in which we once communicated with those not in our immediate presence; slowly, if at all, will never be reversed. With technology dominating the communicating arena that just simply seems impossible. Communication today is at the tip of our finger tips, literally. Distance seems irrelevant.

The challenges that once existed of in terms of communicating a simple message from one person to another, one city to the next, across the oceans or states… it is no longer an issue. In fact, in my lifetime I don’t recall ever being able to not effectively communicate “at a distance” with family in other parts of the world, not saying quickly because I do remember dial up and how slow it was!! The miles that once separated communication between us and our loved ones, friends are nonexistent. In fact, technology has presented us with the ability to feel as those at a distance are actually near.

“Distance will no longer determine the cost of communicating electronically” (Cairncross)

Information that was once only readily available to those few capable is now, and will become soon be instantly available to many around the world. Communication is easier and quicker than ever before. A lot easier and quicker as a matter of fact. We are witnessing the fastest technological change yet experienced and it is safe to say the he death of distance is prevailing in today’s society. Undoubtedly, it will too continue to increase. Companies alone will no longer be simply held by their cultures and their communication networks.

In terms of us as individuals not only will we be able to diminish of feeling “distance” but a negative aspect that comes to mind is work? What is work and leisure will become less distinct as many are already experiencing. Have you ever thought about that in all honesty, think about it! With the increase in technology and communication it seems as we never do not work anymore. Family vacations years ago in my household were just that: family vacations, quality time with our family. Now, when we are even able to fit in family vacations, if my dad goes a couple hours without receiving some type of work related phone call or email I’m beyond surprised.

Sometimes it feels like this!

The gap between work and play is slowly diminishing, no longer is play just play it is also becoming work.

Ideas too are spreading faster, farther, and better. The speed of communication between others is incredible; the global flow of communication is unreal. The world is initially getting smaller and smaller. Distance isn’t simply just dying. It is already dead in many aspects of society.